What is HĀ?

Nā Hopena A‘o (“HĀ”) is a framework of outcomes that reflects the Department of Education’s core values and beliefs in action throughout the public educational system of Hawaii. The Department of Education works together as a system that includes everyone in the broader community to develop the competencies that strengthen a sense of belonging, responsibility, excellence, aloha, total-well-being and Hawaii (“BREATH”) in ourselves, students and others. With a foundation in Hawaiian values, language, culture and history, HĀ reflects the uniqueness of Hawaii and is meaningful in all places of learning. HĀ supports a holistic learning process with universal appeal and application to guide learners and leaders in the entire school community.


The following guiding principles should lead all efforts to use HĀ as a comprehensive outcomes framework:

  • All six outcomes are interdependent and should not be used separately

  • Support systems and appropriate resources should be in place for successful and thoughtful implementation

  • Planning and preparation should be inclusive, collective and in a timeframe that is sensitive to the needs of schools and their communities

  • Current examples of HĀ in practice can be drawn on as sources for expertise

  • All members of the school community share in the leadership of HĀ


 The purpose of this initiative is to provide a comprehensive outcomes framework to be used by those who are developing the academic achievement, character, physical and social-emotional well-being of all our students to the fullest potential.

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